How much do you charge for making a video?
The video production cost generally varies on project to project basis.

Do you charge any additional fees after the project is done?
69Secs.com works on a fixed pricing structure. Whatever video production budget we agree to we stick to that only. However, if there is any additional change due to project requirements, we will discuss the cost addition part beforehand.

What types of videos you can create?
We can produce explainer videos, video releases, corporate videos, video reviews and so on.

How long will you take to produce a video?
This again depends upon the project. A 30 sec explainer video may require 48 hours only. The project duration may depend upon several factors, such as your inputs, content & script, music or voice-over and other creative elements.

Do you provide the script?
Yes, we will provide you with the script, based on your inputs.

What are the steps involved in the video making process?
In simple terms, we follow a step-by-step process and seek your approval as well. It starts with the ideation, script writing, story-boarding, selection of visuals, audio and voice over, and then the final production.

Do you allow editing after the final production?
We take your approval in every step of the production process. Still if you want to make any changes in the video, we allow maximum two changes without charging you any additional cost. For more than two revisions, additional charges may apply, and we will discuss before making the changes.